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Moon Project Cheats.

Some codes are untested

Enabling the Cheats

press Enter
type cheater 1
press Enter

Using cheats

press <Enter>
type cheat text
press <Enter>




Beatifulmoon 1 - Reveal map
Hereyouare! - Reveal enemies
mybrainisfaster 1 - Instant research speed
moneyfornothing # - Where # is, type the desired amount of CR
limit_up # - Where # is, type the desired unit limit
hotground - Place minefield on terrain currently on screen
shower - Activates meteor shower over current screen
byebye - Lose scenario
newone - Free unit will all desired weapons (unknown weapon and unit codes required)
idkfa - Shields, health and full ammo for selected unit(s)
nobelprize - All is researched
sciencefornothing - Free research
ultrascience - Increased research speed
gohome! - Destroy own selected building
tromaville - Destroy all visible enemies
smash - Destroy all units with <9 range
moonlight - Disable fog of war
hide - Enable fog of war

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