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Name (Download) Description
The Moon Project Demo The demo game contains all the tutorials a 3 missions, plus the skirmish mode with 4 maps. Best demo of a game I have ever played.
earthnet-2servers Allows access to an Earth 2150 game server from within the game.
Earth 2150 Theme Tune Techno tune in MP3 format.
Earth 2150 Video High Quality The Earth 2150 Movie High Quality
Earth 2150 Video Low Quality The Earth 2150 Movie Low Quality
Earth 2150 Official Screensaver Official screensaver. Plays several cool high-quality images at random points on a black screen. No music.
Earth 2150 to TMP Mission Converter Developed my MadCat, this is a utility that converts Earth 2150 missions to missions that are playable in The Moon Project.
Earth c For advanced users of Earth 2150. Allows for the editing and the writing of scripts.

I will not be held responsible for any problems these files my cause. They work fine on my computer so there should be no problem.



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