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LC - Power.


Courtesy of SpaceTug

The LC's power system can be very awkward in TMP. These stats should help you out a bit.

Solar Power Plants

Each cell gives 100 power. A full plant gives 1000 power.

Solar Battery

Each solar battery can hold up to 1000 full power (A plant with 10 cells unused power for a whole day).

Xyrex Power Plants

These provide 400 power day and night. For the table below use 800.

Building Consumption

Basic Power Rating* 50
Main Base
Artillery 250
Weather Control Ctr. 400

*This is for all other buildings which require power, eg. Research Centre, Supply Depot.

To work out your power needs, double this number. As long as you have sufficient batteries (never going to 100%), this will work.


A base with an Aerial Supply Depot (50), 3 research centres (3 X 50), 4 main bases (4 X 100), and a Guardian (25) will need 625 power during the day. 625 X 2 = 1050 power required to cover day and night.

This means at least 1 full solar plant and another with a single cell will be required. 2 Xyrexs would do the trick as well.

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