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LC - Weather Control Centre.


Courtesy of SpaceTug


The LC use the forces of nature for a MDW - The Weather Control Centre. The facts:

  • Cost: 50 000 CR
  • Charging Time: 15 mins (100%), 7.5 mins (50%)
  • Destruction: Depends on terrain.
  • Power Consumption: 400

The WCC takes ages to charge up. It can be the most destructive or least destructive MDW depending on terrain:

  • Desert: Wind.
  • Winter: Wind, Snow, Rain.
  • Spring, Summer: Wind, Rain, Lightening.
  • Lava Pits, Volcanic, Moon: Meteor Storms.

In most cases, it won't be worth the 50 000CR in Desert and Winter terrain. If you intend to use it in the other terrains, try to get it early, as it has an extensive charging time. Also, watch your power. At 400 consumption, a WCC requires a plant of 8 cells or a Xyrex Power Plant all of its own.

If you need to target specific buildings (eg., Plasma Control Centre), then artillery will be a better bet. The WCC can't target specific buildings, instead doing widespread damage.

Finally, keep your WCC well out of enemy reach. It can't defend itself and is, like all MDW buildings in TMP, very weak.

This is the weather that is available:

Wind (All Terrains)

Wind isn't destructive. It slows aircaft down to an absolute crawl, however. This can be useful for making bombers easy targets, but it affects your aircraft too. It also leaves any recently produced aircraft stranded on the ground, halting production. Although you need to click to start the wind, it affects the whole map equally. Only needs 50% charge.

Rain (Spring and Summer)

Rain isn't fatal either. All it does is slows down land vehicles in the area. It can be useful as a defence at your own base for slowing a massive attack down enough to get defences up, or to slow down responses to your attacks at an enemy base. Click in the general area for the rain. Only needs 50% charge.

Snow (Uhh...Winter)

Snow doesn't affect units or buildings but lowers the visual range of the enemy in the area by 1/5th. This basically means you can attack with long range weapons and interception will be difficult as units have to be moved in to get LOS (Line of Sight) on everything. Only 50% charge is needed.

Clear Sky (All terrains, Weather Games)

In games where you have weather switched on (or where you're playing another LC opponent),, you can use your WCC to clear the weather effects above your base. Click Clear Sky then click on your base. 50% charge will do.

Lightening (Spring and Summer)

Lightening creates a lightening storm around the area where you click. The effect is very widespread, but the lightening often targets the same buildings. It needs to go through shields, but they rarely hold up. When lightening comes splattering down on an opponent's base, you've done well. See Lightening strategy for more information. 100% chearge is required.

Meteor Shower (Lava Pits, Volcanic and Moon)

In my opinion, the best MDW in the game. Meteors drop randomly over the area, crushing units and buildings. Only Pillboxes and Fortresses tend to survive the battering. The power stations that they rely on likely won't. It's this sort of thing that makes playing LC fun. 100% charge is required.


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