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Installing Maps.


Picture Name (Download) Description/Author
Castle By Luke Elliott.

This map has two raised areas where you can build your base. The raised areas are surrounded by a moat, there is only 2 places where ground units can reach your base.

4 Corners By Luke Elliott.

This maps forces all ground units along a narrow path to get to an enemies base. Each section is cut off from the other. This map has great strategic possibilities with tunnels across the whole map.

Bottle Neck By Luke Elliott.

This is the first map that I made it forces you to pass through a small area. There are 2 islands where resources are vast if you are quick you can leave your opponent with very little money

Asianmars 1 By Wangxiaopu
Asianmars 2 By Wangxiaopu
Asianmars 3 By Wangxiaopu

Many deep crevices lead together to one large pinch point in the centre of the map. The treacherous paths are the quickest and sometimes only routes to the other players.

Asianmars 4 By Wangxiaopu
Asianmars 5 By Wangxiaopu
Asianmars 6 By Wangxiaopu
Blackhills 2 By Fluffy 2150

A map with many mountains and resources.

Block wars By PsychoTurkey_CLF

4 player map with a grid cut into it, making for "street" fighting.

Central Conflict By Dragon Fly [FoC]

A rugged map with plateaus rising out of the rough terrain. Each plateau having only one ground access point.

Central Conflict 2 By Dragon Fly [FoC]
Choke Point By David Reynolds
Cold Harbour By VicIQ

An Epic Urban Warfare inspired urban sea map playing in a large harbour for sea battles.

Cross Roads 1 By Dragon Fly [FoC]
Cross Roads 2 By Dragon Fly [FoC]
Cross Roads 3 By Dragon Fly [FoC]
CS1 By Crazy Sarah

Topographically simple, yet still interesting to play.

D.B. Nas By Chip [FoC]

The setting is an old air force base in Brazil, still with lit runways and old ruins. Resources are plentiful.

Dry Lands 3 By Dragon Fly [FoC]

Here is a map with rugged terrain, that is for 15 players. It is a huge map with lots of hills and holes every where. Each player has 90,000 in resources to mine, then there are another 28 places on the map that hold 22,500 and one that holds 20,000, all together adding up to 2,000,000 in resources. The map has its own challenges, due to the terrain and the way the resources are setup on the map. Please note that I did my best to make sure that no one player is better off than any other. It is similar to Central Conflict but there are is no flat plateau or ground where to build, which makes it even more challenging.

Egypt vs. Inca By Moser

Awesome map with Egypt and Inca Monuments, with the border between the two cultures running through the middle.

Clash of the Titans By Aaron Grigsby

Each side starts off with a large but simple base, mostly consisting of power plants and super-weapons, not to mention, a number of Crions.


If you have any problems with these maps please contact the Author.


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