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LC Buildings


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  Main Base
The LC builds all their heavy construction, civilian and military vehicles right here. Any object developed and tested in the Research Centre can also be built here. The Base is thickly armoured and has cannons to fend off attacks by lightly armed enemy units. The main building has its own generator, so it can operate without external energy supplies. You must protect this structure well. If you lose it, and your heavy construction and military vehicle reserves run out, the battle is over.
Info Solar Power Plant
The LC Solar Power Plant is a technologically advanced structure consisting of a generator and several ergonomically designed and very powerful solar batteries. The plant has a high performance transmitter, capable of providing energy to distant structures. Extra energy is sent to batteries for storage. These batteries run the base during daytime hours. The plant's capacity is based on the intensity of the sun's rays. At night the reflective plates fold up and wait for sunrise. Note: This structure doesn't actually create energy! For this at least one solar battery is needed. Click on the "Add Battery" button to equip the plant with a battery.
This is a battery with huge capacity. Its only task is to store excess energy during the day for use at night. It has a high power transmitter, which can supply energy to structures many kilometers away. If it's destroyed, parts of your base could lose power completely, ruining all your defensive plans.
Info Mine
For obvious reasons, this high-tech structure should be built very close to ore deposits. LC mines are capable of extracting and processing ore simultaneously. In other words it's a mine and a refinery in one. If you lose it you'll be unable to supply raw material to your military and civilian infrastructure.
  Ore Transport Refinery
When you extract ore, you'll need to decide how much to use for "daily needs" (like building structures, producing vehicles and conducting research), and how much to use in your orbital base for building your Evacuation Ship. Resources designated for the latter purpose are stored here in the Ore Transport Refinery. This structure is very heavily armored, so the resources you store here are safe from all enemy attacks. The structure has a landing strip for heavy transporters, which will take the material directly to the Main Base.
  Research Center
This is where your extremely inventive LC scientists and engineers are based. R&D tasks for all new technologies are carried out here. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed, and then given the go-ahead for mass production. Without this structure you will lose access to the latest technology and probably the war as well. Notes: Two or three Research Centers will speed up the R&D process. More than three won't bring you any benefit and are therefore a waste of your precious resources.
  Aerial Supply Center
An Aerial Supply Depot is a supply center. Transport helicopters use this as a base for delivering ammunition for heavy weapons to units and structures. The more money you have in your account, the more often you can make these deliveries. This is also where vehicles damaged in battle come for complicated repairs. Notes: The buttons Quick/Average/Slow determine the speed with which the structure reacts to incoming delivery requests. The slower the reaction time, the more vehicles the ammunition transporter can supply.
The Guardian is the most heavily armored structure in the game. The double-ringed defense tower is fortified with two heavy cannons, making it indestructible for all but the most heavily armed attack units. Since the tower packs a serious punch, it can usually repulse attacks quickly and successfully. Only concentrated attacks by well-equipped enemy units pose any danger.
Single Defender structures are too weak to defend themselves against enemy attacks. But there's strength in numbers. If you set them up in groups, one next to the other, they can ward off attacks by lightweight planes and other weakly armored units. If you place them in large unexplored territory, they act as a good early warning system.
This is the LC strategic command and control center. This structure opens the door to lots of new strategies that you otherwise wouldn't have access to. The Headquarters is needed at different points in the game in order to successfully complete missions.
  SDI Defense Center
This is another structure you must have as the game advances. Its purpose is to defend your positions against attacks by weapons of mass destruction. If a nuclear missile is shot in your direction, special detectors designed specifically for this purpose will track the missile's flight path and unleash three high-powered laser shots at just the right moment. The incoming missile explodes in the air without damaging your units or structures. The only drawback to this system is that the detectors have a somewhat limited range. That's why you should set up your SDI Defense Centers at equal distances from one another - ideally close to strategically vital structures (i.e. those without which you cannot properly continue the war).
  Landing Zone
This small structure is used to mark landing areas for your Heavy Transporters. Thanks to its strong radio transmitter, Transporters can find their way even at night and in thick fog.
Info Weather Control Center
This is the LC's answer to the usual weapons of mass destruction (like nuclear and plasma weapons). The WCC is capable of radically altering weather conditions. It can start a long rain shower, suddenly send the temperature soaring, or unleash a thunder storm. In other words, the LC has managed to turn weather into a weapon. Use Rain to flood low-lying enemy territory - destroying all units and structures in the process. Use lightning to take out those at higher elevations.

As the game progresses, it will get more and more difficult to summon the forces of nature. The closer the Earth gets to the Sun the drier the planet becomes - until rainfall is a precious commodity. Nevertheless, the Weather Control Center does not completely lose its usefulness. It can take over the control of meteorite showers and redirect them toward enemy units and structures. Notes: This structure is powered by electricity. Right after you've built it, the WCC will start loading up its batteries. Once they're full, the structure is ready for action. The control panel will display these buttons:

Sun - Sweeps the clouds away. This in turn increases the output of your Solar Power Plants.

Wind - Brings strong gusts to the entire map. This hinders any enemy air strikes.

Snow - (works only in snowy terrain) Starts a serious snowfall.

Rain - (works only in Spring and Summer terrain) Starts a downpour, which greatly reduces units' speed and maneuverability.

Lightning Storm - (works only in Spring and Summer terrain) Starts a thunder storm. Lightning will wreak havoc on enemy vehicles and structures.

Meteor Shower - (works only in volcanic terrain) Starts a meteorite shower, which destroys enemy units and structures.
  Xyrex Power Plant
While developing the fission power plant, the LC scientists used a method of energy creation far different from that used in traditional power plants. They placed underground electrodes, which short circuit when they come into contact with xyrex. The electrode is then pulled back a certain distance, generating energy. To reach the output of a typical atomic power plant, over 2000 electrodes are needed. One of the technologies biggest drawbacks is the short lifespan of an electrode and the subsequent need to constantly replace them.
Info Artillery
The LC artillery piece is without question the most significant achievement of the lunar builders. This meisterwerk of military science has an extremely long range, which means it can hit enemy targets without being endangered by return fire. To get this distance the caliber was reduced to 122mm and ceramic-cased ammunition is used. A target scope that combines a satellite positioning system with a laser-guided terrain modeler has raised hit rates to 90%.
Life on the barren Moon has given the Lunar Corporation unique experience in the field of reusable resources. Before the war this was mainly focused on recycling plastic and glass - the two mainstays of lunar construction. Recycling steel posed some tricky problems at first, particularly since metal objects were seldom found on the Moon in pre-war days. This is why the efficiency of unit recycling is still relatively low at about 50% of the unit's previous value.
This light defense building is made of hardened plastic and steel plates and is ideal for all types of terrain. Nest comes equipped with a launching ramp.










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