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ED Buildings


Picture Description
  Vehicle Production Centres
Heavy construction machines and civilian vehicles are manufactured here. The VPC has its own power source, so it's more or less independent of other structures. Any basic vehicle (without equipment add-ons) can be produced here. Its two cannons can easily fend off attacks by your enemy's light units. Remember to protect your VPC at all costs. If you lose it, you won't be able to produce any heavy construction machinery to expand your operation, and that will eventually mean curtains for you!
  Weapons Production Centre
Here you can produce any kind of battle vehicle you want. The WPC isn't particularly well armoured, so you'll need some kind of special protection here. Just as in the case of the VPC, if you lose this structure, you'll have no heavy battle equipment and you'll be fair prey for any enemy who happens along!
  Power Plant
This is a normal, medium-output, atomic power station. The reactor has a built-in cooling system, plus a transmitter which supplies energy to neighbouring structures. Your Power Plant has an ingenious automatic safety system, so if it takes a direct hit and is destroyed during an enemy attack, there'll be no atomic explosion to blow your other structures and units to smithereens!
The Mine excavates underground resources. The raw materials are packed in airtight containers and brought out on a conveyor belt. Then the containers are either transported to a Refinery or to your Space Port.
The Refinery breaks down the raw materials into components necessary to keep production going in your Production Centres. Special units deliver the raw material containers to the Refinery. Then a conveyor belt takes them inside
  Research Center
This is where your scientists and engineers are based. All kinds of research and experiments are carried out here and new technologies developed. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed and then eventually given the go-ahead for mass production. Your Research Centre will give you access to ultra-modern technology. Note: Two or three Research Centres will speed up your research. More than three won't bring you any more acceleration and is therefore is a waste of your precious resources.
  Supply Depot
This is a military centre which supplies ammunition to your units and structures. It's totally dependent on how healthy your bank balance is! As soon as a unit's ammunition supply is exhausted, delivery will occur automatically. And you can have ammunition delivered to any unit you select. Units in tunnels won't always be supplied, but as soon as they exit the tunnel, ammo-a-plenty will be there for them!
  Ship Yard
The heart of the Shipyard is a hangar where marine units are constructed. This structure should only be built at the waterside, at a location with space enough to harbour ships and boats and broad enough for a lock.
The Pill-Box is a really important structure. Heavily armoured with great resistance to all kinds of firepower, it lies close to the ground in the ED's first defensive line. While the Pill-Box is doing its stuff, your second lines of defence can open fire on your enemies and annihilate them. And because it lies so low there'll be no danger of your own units hitting your Pill-Box from behind.
  Small Tower
You'll only realize just how effective these structures can be when you have several of them in operation. Three or four Small Towers are an excellent defence against light and medium heavy airborne armour. They can also repel infantry attacks. But bear in mind that they won't be so effective against heavily-armoured enemy infantry, simply because you can't mount heavy artillery on Small Towers.
  Large Tower
Here's a huge hurdle for your enemies to cross! It's normally equipped with heavy artillery but you can add an extra weapon on to this structure, like maybe a heavy laser, or even large rockets. A few of these Large Towers placed strategically will thwart even the strongest and most heavily-armed enemy troops.
  Missile Control Centre
The MCC is the control centre for the most dangerous firepower of all - the atomic warhead rocket. You'll need this structure to build firing ramps for these rockets. No matter what the distance, these weapons will always hit the target, since they're aimed by satellite! Not bad, huh? You'll find that you'll often need to use these babies to successfully achieve your mission aims.
This is the firing ramp for your ballistic missiles. It's concealed underground and should always be built near your MCC. Ready-to-fire ballistic missiles (and atomic warhead rockets) are stored here. Just like in the real world, a ramp takes a long time to reload, so it's better to have several of them loaded up and ready to fire.
This is the strategic control centre of the ED. It houses the many, new, advanced strategies to which you wouldn't otherwise have access. You can completely automatic many command sequences here, such as defense, mount-a-weapon, etc.
In the last years of the war, the UCS really used the camouflage effect of the SHADOW to great effect. The ED had to find an answer to this and their scientists came up trumps. They developed a generator which destroys the Shadow's camouflage effect! Mounted on the Radar structure, this generator has yet another produces a strong magnetic field which jams your enemy's communications with their Command Center, making them leaderless and easy prey for your weapons.
  Tunnel Entrance
This structure handles communication between the tunnel system and the surface. It has its own generator, so it doesn't need a Power Plant.
  Landing Zone
This small structure marks out landing areas for heavy transporters. It has a strong signal transmitter which enables it to guide planes in safely at night or in thick fog. Note: This structure is absolutely vital for transporters en route from mission area to base and vice-versa.
This is a stationary ED artillery battery. Its builders focused on creating a weapon with the highest possible destructive capability. The result was a slight reduction in range, but a major increase in power. A shot from this weapon releases two 356mm cluster shells. Originally designed to destroy heavily fortified enemy positions, the artillery is also useful in the defensive against concentrated enemy attacks.
This hydraulic press is used to extract material from old, destroyed units. Since the only by-product of the recycling process is steel, a demolished unit is only worth half its production value.















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