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LC Weapons


Picture (Click for Specifications)


20 mm Chaingun
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Air Chaingun
Anti-Air: Yes
Description: Primary light weapon of the LC. The chaingun comes with lots of ammos so re supplying is not an issue.
Rocket Launcher
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Rocket Launcher Upg. 1; Heavy Rocket Launcher; Heavy Rocket Launcher Upg. 1 and Upg. 2; Air Heavy Rocket Launcher; Air Heavy Rocket Launcher Upg.
Anti-Air: Yes
Description: Primary rocket attack weapon for the LC, it is effective against both ground and air targets. One drawback is its rapid rate of ammo use. Rockets can be upgraded for greater damage and for accuracy.
Air Rocket Launcher
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Larger rocket launcher
Anti-Air: Yes
Description: Used only on Meteor and Tunderer air combat vehicles; this weapon inflicts significant amounts of damage. But due to the size of the rockets, ammo is limited and must be resupplied frequently.
Electro Cannon
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Heavy Electro Cannon; Sonic Cannon; Heavy Sonic Cannon; Air Sonic Cannon
Anti-Air: No
Description: In order to keep up with the UCS and the ED; the LC had to come up with an energy weapon. After many tests, LC scientists developed the Electro Cannon. Able to spit out streams of pure energy, this weapon soon helped to give the LC a fighting chance in the war for survival.
Sonic Cannon
Prerequisites: Electro Cannon
Upgrades: Heavy Sonic Cannon; Air Sonic Cannon
Anti-Air: No
Description: In an effort to develop weapons of mass destruction the LC came up with the Sonic Cannon. This weapon is capable of hitting targets in a large radius. Damage is greater at the center of the attack and less as the ring of energy travels outward.
Shield Generator
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: High-powered shields
Anti-Air: NA
Description: With the invention of lasers and ion cannons, the shield generator is a must to protect your units and buildings. Without a shield generator, you may see your units and buildings explode right before your eyes.
Shield Recharger
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Upgrade Shield Recharger
Anti-Air: NA
Description: Just as its name implies, this technology makes shields last longer as it recharges depleted shield energy at a faster rate.
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Upgraded Regenerator
Anti-Air: N/A
Description: Lacking repairer technology, the LC developed an automated regenerator that helps to repair damaged armor.
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: Upgraded Detector
Anti-Air: NA
Description: When a detector is applied on a unit, it gives that unit a longer sighting range. This is useful when trying to find bases or targets to strike at with meteor showers and lightning. This device has also the ability to uncover invisible UCS units.
Prerequisites: None
Upgrades: None
Anti-Air: N/A
Description: Every war effort needs it's flag bearer and banners are just that. A unit equipped with a banner adds a bonus of two levels of experience to all units near it.




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