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UCS Buildings

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  Civilian Production
This Production Centre is where the UCS builds its heavy construction machinery and civilian vehicles. All non-military projects developed and tested in the Research Centre can be built in this complex. The Centre's heavy armour, high resistance and large cannon enable it to withstand moderate enemy attacks. You should protect it well. If you don't have enough construction equipment in reserve and this structure is destroyed you won't be able to build any more - which in turn means you won't be able to fight anymore.
  Mech Production Centre
This is the Production Centre for various forms of battle equipment. Every military project developed and tested in the Research Centre can be built here. Since this structure is not very well fortified, you'll need to provide extra protection. Lose it and weapon production stops. And so does any hope of victory.
  Atomic Power Plant
This is a classical nuclear plant with tremendous power. It includes an atomic reactor and a cooling system. You have the option of expanding the plant with additional reactors in order to increase its energy output. In addition, the plant has its own transmitter for sending energy supplies to other structures.
  Energy Transmitter
Structures predominantly get the energy they need to function from Power Stations. But the on-going achievements of UCS scientists have brought dynamic improvements to this field of research. Now power doesn't always have to be delivered by the usual method! Energy Transmitters will expand the range of your Power Stations, and, wait for it!.....using these Transmitters, you can now construct whole networks, enabling you to build power stations much further away from your base! So your transmitter network will in effect protect your base from the drastic effects of a nuclear explosion brought about by one of those sneak enemy attacks.
The Refinery breaks down the excavated raw materials into credits which are needed to keep the assembly lines running in your Production Centres. Your mining units deliver the raw materials to the Refineries in containers. The transfer process takes place in a special type of lock which operates hydraulically. You can unload your ground and airborne units here. And your air units don't even have to touch the ground, they can land directly on the lock itself!
  Research Centre
This is where your scientists and engineers are based. All kinds of research and experiments are carried out here and new technologies developed. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed, and then given the go-ahead for mass production. Your Research Centre will give you access to ultra-modern technology.
  Supply Depot
From here, transport planes supply units and structures with ammunition for heavy weapons.
  Ship Yard
The heart of the Shipyard is a hangar where marine units are constructed. This structure should only be built at the waterside, at a location with space enough to harbour ships and boats and broad enough for a lock.
This is the most heavily-armoured structure in the game. The Fortress has two small and two large cannon, making it virtually indestructible to all but the strongest enemy forces. Its strong firepower usually means a quick and successful defence. It can only be endangered by an attack by well-equipped, heavily-armoured enemy units. Because of its sheer firepower, we recommend that you build the Fortress near one of your strategically important structures.
  Small Tower
You'll only realize just how effective these structures can be when you have several of them in operation. Three or four of Small Towers are an excellent defence against light and medium heavy airborne armour. They can also repel infantry attacks. But bear in mind that they won't be so effective against heavily-armoured enemy infantry, simply because you can't mount heavy artillery on Small Towers.
  Large Tower
This is a huge hurdle for your enemies to cross! It's normally equipped with heavy artillery but you can add an extra weapon on to this structure, like maybe a heavy laser or even large rockets. A few of these Large Towers placed strategically will thwart even the strongest and most heavily-armed enemy troops.
  Plasma Control Centre
The POS (Plasma Offensive System) is a weapon of mass destruction, technologically very advanced. The PCC (Plasma Control Centre) is a part of the POS and supervises the complete system. Based on a satellite defence system invented in 2073, it consists of plasma rays and control structures. The satellites form a system of mirrors which enable plasma beams fired at Earth to be very accurately aimed. The plasma cannon system can reach the enemy anywhere on the map! Its precise aiming mechanism is the secret of its effectiveness. Enemy units or structures located in areas which haven't yet been scouted can even be fired upon. In this case, just aim at where you think the enemy is. The bundled plasma beams are fired by stationary plasma cannons.
  Plasma Cannon
Another part of the satellite attack system, the Plasma Cannon shoots out a bundled plasma beam. Aimed by the help of satellites, it can make life hot for enemy units at great distances! Just one shot will destroy most enemy vehicles and structures.
This is the strategic control centre of the UCS. It houses the many, new, advanced strategies to which you wouldn't otherwise have access. You can control many functions here automatically, such as defence, mount-a-weapon, etc.).
The UCS leadership, using all their experience gained in the wars of 2140 -2145, wanted to construct a machine which could instantly transport battle units to other crisis areas. After 5 years of intensive research by numerous top UCS scientists, they finally managed to produce the Teleport. You'll need at least 2 Teleports. The transmitter on one splits material into atoms and decodes the atoms' structure. This information is then passed to the other Teleport. It has material generators which use the information to re-materialize the object. The Teleports are an enormous help to you in your battle campaigns. They speed up your troops' transport to the front and more often than not will be instrumental in helping you to avoid defeat.
  Shadow Tower
The UCS strategic experts made the most of the Shadow's excellent camouflage and adapted it for defence use. The result was the Shadow Tower. As part of a defence line, it conceals your units from enemy scanners.
  SDI Defence Centre
You'll need this structure as well at some point during the game. Its function is to protect your own positions from weapons of mass-destruction. If an atomic rocket is fired at you, specially constructed detectors calculate its flight path and select the precise time to fire laser cannons with awesome power. The rocket will explode in the air, without harming your units or structures. The only disadvantage the system has is that it has a limited range. That's why it's important to place them right next to strategically important structures. And what's a strategically important structure, you ask? These are structures without which you cannot carry out no military actions or only very limited ones.
  Tunnel Entrance
This structure connects the surface with the tunnel itself. It has its own generator, so it doesn't need a Power Plant.
  Landing Zone
This small structure marks out landing areas for heavy transporters. It has a strong signal transmitter which enables it to guide planes in safely at night or in thick fog.
This is a 455mm artillery emplacement. Its extreme range lets you hit enemy fortresses from great distance. The highly-explosive ammunition means the range is even greater, since both the target as well as the surrounding area is hit.
The Recycler is a modern "annihilation chamber". It transforms material into energy. Unfortunately, its high cost of operation combined with problems processing anti-parts means it isn't often used. The average recyclable value of a used-up unit is about 49.7% of its production value.



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