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LC units


Picture (Click for Specifications)



This is a light, un-armoured vehicle used for reconnaissance. Being equipped with light weapon systems, it's not too good in combat situations. But its power shield generator and easy manoeuvrability make it a fantastic escort vehicle. Its build time is short and it is cheap.


A very fast, lightly armoured vehicle. A power shield generator and light weapon systems can be attached, making the Moon a powerful combat unit at a good price. The Moon is slower that that the Lunar but whacks a bit more punch. 


When designing this vehicle, the LC engineers sacrificed speed for power, and equipped it with heavy armour and a power shield generator. The decision made Crater the most resistant of all LC units. And it's been adapted to carry high-calibre weapons that should guarantee its success in the heat of battle. It is one of the most expensive units but truly worth it.


This typical attack vehicle is designed to inflict huge losses on the enemy in a very short period of time. By reducing the energy consumption of the power shield generator, the engineers have made it possible to attach two heavy weapon systems. Because its armour is only average, the Crusher is unable to spend a long time under direct fire. This unit is slower than the Crater but much more powerful.



Rumours abound of a top secret LC vehicle equipped with a deadly new energy weapon that is not stopped by shields or armour. This specialty unit can only carry a Plasma Artillery Cannon. The cannon can only be researched after the heavy electro and heavy sonic cannons. I is worth the wait.


This light fighter is the first model equipped with a modified anti-gravity generator capable of rising to any altitude. It's used for reconnaissance operations and to repel enemy bombers. Due to the engine's high energy consumption, the Meteor is not equipped with magnetic shields.


Here's a huge, very slow, anti-gravity craft equipped with heavy armour. The modified engines allow it to fly at any altitude, so it can reach into the heart of an enemy base. Heavy rockets and sonic cannon make it the ideal unit for air raids against enemy troop concentrations.

Fat Girl:

This is a mobile container, driven by a strong fragmentation motor which has been adapted from that previously used only be orbiting stations. The maximum lifting capacity is 3600 tons. Maximum speed is 18 km/h. Thanks to her strong engine, you can mount up to 4 light guns of any type. This makes Fat Girl an unbelievably effective front-line unit.

Super Fighter:

The LC builders made it their goal to fill the gap between the fast and manoeuvrable, but thinly armoured Meteor and the heavily armoured, but very slow Thunder. The result is the Super Fighter. Equipped with a rocket flak system, this is an ideal weapon against enemy aircraft. This unit will do huge damage to enmy targets.


This light transport unit uses an anti-gravitation propulsion system. Its main task is to provide aerial evacuation of threatened and/or damaged units from the battlefield.

New Hope:

This light reconnaissance vehicle was based on the Fang unit, the pride of the LC. The New Hope isn't quite as powerful as its predecessor, but it has still managed to prove its value in some tight spots. Its ability to repair itself is particularly impressive. Even after suffering extreme damage to its epoxy armour, New Hope needs only a few seconds to become fully battle-ready again. This unique feature is the result of a complex fibreglass pressing and hardening system. However, the unit has one fairly large disadvantage: there is no facility for mounting a weapon. The synthetic armour allows neither welding nor riveting. So an impulse emitter is built into the chassis during the production stage. Tests have shown that this is the only weapon whose recoil doesn't tear New Hope's synthetic material. New Hope is a support unit. Used wisely, it can have a decisive effect on your entire offensive. But you'll need to develop an elastic strike-and-retreat strategy.



This unit is used to supply your units when they run out of ammo. Because it is un-armoured, the Mercury relies on its speed to avoid dangerous situations.



This small anti-gravity unit is the LC's basic support unit. Depending on what type of equipment is mounted, the Phobos can serve as a scout, repair unit, or shield regenerator.



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