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UCS Units

Picture (click for specifications) Description


This versatile, heavy Mech is used for building or bridge construction, ditch/tunnel digging and leveling ground. Watch this unit carefully as it is what keeps you in the game longer.


This is the basic Mech used by the UCS Army. It can Hold various weapons but it is week to projectile weapons.


This 6-legged chassis can support special equipment add-ons. This Mech is used by the UCS Army for technical support. The spider chassis can also be equipped with a shield generator but it  weak against rockets and cannons.


 A 2-legged chassis, deployed as a main striking force, the Panther packs a real wallop with its ability to carry heavy weapon systems and shields. The unit has strong armour but this makes it slow.


This heavy battle robot is a modified version of the Panther. It's equipped with an add-on weapon system. This add-on allows greater damage. This unit is twice as powerful as the panther but is slower to build and on the ground.


A tracked caterpillar vehicle deployed either for mine laying or quickly clearing large mined areas, It can locate and detonate enemy mines at a distance. The unit can carry 10 mines that can destroy all enemy vehicles apart from LC vehicles.


A light anti-gravity craft, the Gargoyle is fast and manoeuvrable, primarily used for reconnaissance and anti-aircraft operations against enemy bombers. It is a very fast unit and can be used to stay ahead of the enemy.


As the name implies, this is a medium-weight, anti-gravity bomber, deployed against weakly defended enemy positions. Ideal for destroying stray units.


This heavy anti-gravity bomber is normally deployed against heavily defended enemy units and anti-aircraft bases. With its heavy armour, Dragon can remain under enemy fire for long periods of time. The only bad thing about the dragon is that it is slow and expensive.


This transport craft provides fighting units with ammunition. As it has very little armour it is very fast.

Ore Transporter:

This vehicle is used to extract ore and transport it to a refinery or transport base.

Cargo Salamander:

This heavily armoured caterpillar vehicle is used to transport building material and raw material. It is armed with a rocket launching ramp. The landing version is equipped with an additional mounting bar for any light weapon.







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